Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free Download

Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free Download

Nov 17  

Defeat the Aliens in Alien Shooter 2 PC. Are you on the lookout for a shooting game that is both exciting yet challenging? If so, you should give the Alien Shooter 2 PC game a try.

Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free Download

While this game has been on the market for quite a while, having been developed in 2007, it still manages to be an excellent shooting game. The fact that it is better than its predecessor, Alien Shooter, speaks volumes about the quality of the game. This is because the first installment was a tremendous success already and the pressure was on the sequel to be at least as good as the first one. Let’s just say, this game delivered.


The game features seventeen missions, each of which is interconnected to give Alien Shooter 2 Games Pc a story. This makes the game interesting and urges players to play until the end. The storyline takes place in 2027. Your character has been contacted by the M.A.G.M.A. Corporation owing to the reputation you have as a fierce mercenary. You are sent to the California base which has been invaded by aliens. The responsibility of getting to the bottom of the situation and saving the rest of the world from an invasion lies on your shoulder.

You are required to complete an array of missions, which involve lurking through the halls and labs of the California base. Since it is a shooting game, it is a given that you will be stopped by aliens and you will have to shoot your way through them.

Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free Full Download

However, what makes this game intriguing is that it gives users the chance to decide the course of action. How you choose to play the game and the decisions you make will change the ending. This dual ending feature means that you can play the game again, and it will feel like a whole new experience to you.

Alien Shooter 2 PC Download,

Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free


The developers of the game, Sigma Team, have taken considerable efforts to ensure that players are provided with an array of exciting features.

Variety of Characters

From the getgo, the game provides you with the autonomy that you crave. Rather than being given a character, players are allowed to choose between eight different characters. Each character differs in hit points as well as specialization of weapons. Choose the one you feel is the best. Then, play the game with another one. The possibilities are great.

Abundance of Weapons

Are you tired of shooting your enemies? Well, Alien Shooter 2 PC game has options for you as well. You can choose to burn, freeze or pulverize your enemies. Not only will you be given over fifty weapons, but you will also be provided with over 20 gadgets which will aid you in waging war against the evil aliens. These gadgets can be as simple as a flashlight and as deadly as combat drones.


All those of you who have played the original game or wish to play a game which provides control will find Alien Shooter 2 Free Download to be a terrific addition to your gaming collection. Install it, and begin shooting!

Alien Shooter 2 Download Game Features

  • You can get a lot more than 100 aliens on a single map at a right time free of charge!
  • Three game kinds: Campaign, Survive, Gun Stand
  • Huge crowds of enemies to fight with
  • Red or Green bloodstream selection
  • natural phenomena (fog, rain, water) plus 50 kinds of weapons
  • Today download this Full version Shooter PC game!

Minimum System Demands:

Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1,7 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, 3D graphics card suitable for DirectX 9.0c (128 MB NVIDIA GeForce® FX 5700, ATI® Radeon 9600 or higher), 3GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.

Please be encouraged that Windows 10 operating system will get equipment that is frequent and pc software updates following its launch; this may affect

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Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free Download
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