Alien Shooter PC Game Free Download 2023

Alien Shooter 2 PC Game Free Download

Alien Shooter PC Game Free Download: An Epic Alien Shooting Game. The Alien Shooter PC game is an isometric action game and requires the player to shoot at aliens. The game consists of different missions and objectives, and you have to shoot at aliens with different weapons.

Alien Shooter PC Game Free Download 2023

Alien Shooter PC Game Free Download,

Sometimes, Alien Shooter cd feels like the game’s frame rate is dropping when there is a huge number of aliens present on the screen. The control and movements of the game are also a bit forced, and you’ll have to force the character to move when you want to navigate in the military base. In this game, you’ll be given the control of a man or woman who has to run through different areas and facilities and shoot swarms of aliens coming toward them. The keyboard arrows will help you navigate in the game and the mouse will allow you to aim and fire at the aliens. It uses a simple aim-and-fire perspective, and the background of the game is full of aliens, corpses, and blood.

Alien Shooter PC Game Free Download,

About The Game:

Alien Shooter apk download is challenging to complete, with several different levels; however, watching is hilarious. Alien Shooter compressed gives you the impression that you had stumbled upon a time machine transporting you back to an era when gaming was less complicated but more distinctive than its contemporary analogs. Alien Shooter compressed download has a lot to offer its players, including ten levels of thrilling missions that get more difficult to complete as the player progresses farther into this one-of-a-kind environment. In addition to that, players have the option of selecting one of nine unique weapons, each of which offers a fantastic set of benefits, making it tough to choose between the available options.

You will indeed have the desire to see the character of your choice destroy those aliens by using every one of them. Of course, you won’t only have to protect yourself from aliens. However, there will be other threats as well. Alien Shooter game setup download is set to turn up the heat and enhance the challenge of each level with six different varieties of creatures that are entirely original and unrivaled. Alien Shooter download will transport you to a time when shooting them ups was all about the rush of excitement, and you should start playing it right now because you will like it.

Alien Shooter:

After you have conquered this mammoth of a game, there is always the option to play the sequel, Alien Shooter highly compressed The infinite darkness and the solemn, lengthy hallways of a military complex have become the home of evil as hundreds of bloodthirsty animals inhabit the building’s offices, storehouses, and mystery labs. The complex also has eternal darkness. Your objective is uncomplicated: escape from the base at any cost. You will be given explosives to assist you in gaining access to the teleports from where hundreds of vicious monsters emerge. This will allow you to bypass the guards stationed there.

The region’s defense will be aided by a gun that is fixed in place. You now have access to the most cutting-edge weaponry technology that money can buy. Congratulations! As you go through the game and earn more money, you will be able to outfit yourself with more powerful weapons in the arming section and biomechanical implants that will give you superhuman skills in combat.The invasion of Earth by extraterrestrial beings has started, and our only hope of survival is to halt them in their staging location. You are the last chance we have left; therefore, do not let them go to this institution. You are now the deciding factor in the future of humanity.

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Alien Shooter mods isometric game, you can choose from two characters who act as protagonists and are given the task of clearing all the aliens from a military base. Thus, the whole game is based in a military facility which has been invaded by aliens. The background and bases are of grey color and as the player walks around, the environment starts getting graver due to the alien invasion.

Bottom Line

Alien Shooter Best free is an isometric shooting game and uses simple mechanics and gameplay. Alien Shooter full version 2003 version was a basic alien shooting game, and this is the new version which requires the player to shoot their way out of swarms of aliens. As a player, you have to place dynamites and flip switches and keep on shooting to clear the aliens from the military base. The end results of this game are sort of repetitive, and all you have to do is shoot around to destroy the aliens and complete the missions. Though Alien Shooter rar gets more challenging as you progress, the gameplay remains the same.


  • Over one thousand creatures may be found in each area, with up to one hundred coming straight at you at once.
  • Around ten or more complex missions, as well as a survivor mode
  • Nine or more lethal weapons that can be upgraded
  • Control schemes that are easy to use and include an auto-aim option
  • Music that responds to the action and helps propel it forward.

(Winrar with PASSWORD: )

System Requirements:

  • Game Size: 20 MB.
  • Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 .

How to Install?

  • Extract.
  • Don’t need.
  • Use mac apps.
  • Have fun.

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