ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC Game Free Download

ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC Game Free Download

Jan 13  

ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC (known in Japan as Ryuuko no Ken 2, converted to “Fist of the Tiger and Dragon 2“) is a 2D combat game created as well as released by SNK for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on February three, 1993.

ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC Game Free Download

ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC Game Free Download

The direct sequel to the initial Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 Download PC Game enhances the character balance (adding brand new techniques to other heroes while doing all of them playable in an conventional single-player Story Mode) and also adds innovative playable fighters (including the primary protagonist’s father Takuma Sakazaki as well as sister Yuri Sakazaki).


Art of Fighting 2 plays similarly to the first Art of Fighting. There’s a punch as well as kick button, giving possibly strong or weak punches based on the distance from the opponent. The 3rd switch will be the “utility” button, which both generates an uppercut punch or maybe decreased kick (when coupled with the punch as well as kick buttons), a toss, or perhaps a wall jump. The 4th switch is the taunting button. This game additionally features dashing backward and forwards by pressing the joystick either in a direction twice. Fireball attacks could be canceled utilizing punches and kicks.

ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC Game Free Download

The game comes with the “spirit gauge” from the original Art of Fighting. The gauge reduces once the player performs a unique/super action. The more significant effect the move, the higher the gauge depletes. The indicator additionally consumes once the other person shows a taunt. The indicator may merely be energized physically by holding down possibly the punch, kick, or maybe energy button. It is going to be in a single of 3 different colors (green, yellow, or maybe red) concerning the total amount left.

The best way to Play the Game?

Right after downloading the game file, acquire it run WinKawaks file. And then go to File as well as select Load Game. So now just click on “Rescan all” from best side of the system. And then you are going to see the game Art of Fighting 2 with NeoGeo process. Press it and press Ok button. The game is going to be going. Use to following secrets to play as well as control:

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ART OF FIGHTING 2 PC Game Free Download
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