Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

Nov 19  

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download: Protect Your Farm from the Evil Boars. Battle Ranch Free Download is a colorful game and involves farming and time management techniques. You have to protect your farm from the beasts who have the aim to destroy your plants.

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

The game has been developed by Playbook and was released on Steam. It is a mixture of tower defense and farming mechanism and depends on time management too. It is a fast-paced game which is based on grid mechanism, and you have to carefully choose the various steps such as planting and watering and making sure that the plants get adequate attention for growing. The game is overall fascinating and involves strategies to save your farm from the evils.


The fruits and veggies on your farm have to be protected, and you get points when you harvest them. The enemies will attack your farm from time to time from the right side and try to destroy the fruits and veggies. They will ruin your farm by using different offensive fruits and vegetables, so your task is to kill them before they reach your farm. Your job is to stop them from ruining your harvest because that will make you lose points.

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

The rotten fruits and veggies have an angry face, and their mission is to kill the right fruits and vegetables. To fight the enemies, you should prepare yourself well for the battle and make sure you have the correct weapons to fight the variety of enemies.

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

Some enemies are more challenging than others like the skateboard boars that can even jump over obstacles or blow away the fruits and veggies. These enemies can also dig underneath your farm and cause harm to the crops from there.

The game has ten thrilling and exciting game modes which require the player to use various defensive strategies to save the farm. Within these methods, there are more than 200 levels, and thus, you have a vast variety to choose from.

Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download

You can also make use of the trophy room or the shop to buy something for your farm. The store is named Jean’s Shop and contains many items that can be used on your farm.

The graphics are satisfactory, but the animation is just ok. The grid system can be a bit confusing, especially when you have to figure out which enemy is going to attack a particular grid.


The Battle Ranch PC game has an exciting and unique gameplay, but the animation is a bit choppy. It resembles the game Plants vs. Zombies because of the enemy types and the use of weapons. The soundtrack is good, but it doesn’t match the farming theme. The game was explicitly designed for PCs, and thus, it has a straightforward and user-friendly interface for PC gamers. Your task is to defend your precious fruits and veggies from the evil boars who are on a mission to destroy your farm.

System Demands

  • Processor: 300 Mhz or better
  • RAM: 512Mb
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Battle Ranch PC Game Free Download
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