Fire and Forget PC Game Free Download

Fire and Forget PC Game Free Download

Nov 17  

Fire and Forget: An Intriguing Racing and Shooting Game. The Fire and Forget PC game is an arcade shooting game in which you have to drive your vehicle and make your way through obstacles and kill your enemies by shooting at them. The game has a horizontal and vertical design, and it’s up to the player to drive the vehicle in any direction.

Fire and Forget PC Game Free Download

Fire and Forget is a fun and entertaining game and allows the player to choose whether the vehicle will go up or down according to the situation. The car used in this game is a hover jet which steers around and jumps over obstacles to save itself. The game allows the player to move around the air and ground which is very fun and tricky at the same time.


The gameplay of Fire and Forget is straightforward and follows the flying and shooting mechanics. Fire and Forget Free Download is a military term and is used to explain the functioning of missiles in which they are fired and forgotten because they reach the target quickly. This game is based on a post-apocalyptic world which is full of mines, asphalts, and weaponized vehicles. The handling and steering of the hover jet are compassionate, and there is very little space available to fly the car. This makes the game trickier and more challenging to play.

Shooting the enemies is a fun task and never feels so satisfying when you target enemies while you’re hovering or steering. You are allowed to fire consecutive shots when you fire at your enemies by holding the left mouse button. However, the weapon will need to be recharged after you’ve made some successive shots. The graphics of this game are not very advanced and are similar to the games that were available in the 90s. The background is vibrant and colorful but is repetitive, and the audio is suitable for the racing and shooting game.

Fire and Forget PC Game Free Download

Overall, the game is a pure racing and shooting game that involves shoot-and-hover mechanics. You have to protect yourself from the obstacles, shoot the enemies, and make your way through the apocalyptic world. As you progress in the game, the levels will get more challenging, and the intensity of the enemies and obstacles will increase. You have to use different weapons and use them on a continuous basis to avoid the enemies running into you.

Bottom Line

The Fire and Forget PC game is racing and shooting game that requires the player to use the hover jet and protect it from obstacles and enemies. The hover jet runs fast, and the steering and control can be a bit tricky. At the start, you’ll feel like the hover jet is always getting out of control, but a little practice will make it easier for you to control it. The game is all about driving wisely and saving the vehicle from being destroyed.

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Fire and Forget PC Game Free Download
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