Fire Emblem Warriors Pc Game Free Download

Fire Emblem Warriors Pc Game Free Download

Dec 16  

This marvelous game was created as a marriage of two of the most popular games. It is a collaboration between Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem games and Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors games. Hence, it targets a broad audience of players who are enthusiasts of both these series.

Fire Emblem Warriors Pc Game Free Download

The game is a roleplaying hack and slash game, published by Nintendo and developed by Team Ninja and Omega Force. It was released on 28 September 2017 in Japan and on 20 October 2017 worldwide. It has received mixed reviews and a rating of 75/100 on Metacritic and a score of 8/10 on TrustedReviews. Although the game is designed for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, it is can also be played on PC with a few adjustments.

Fire Emblem Warriors Pc Game Free Download

 Fire Emblem Warriors Pc is a roleplaying game in which you can play as multiple characters comprising of characters from several Fire Emblem games and the game’s original characters, Lianna and Rowan. It includes many characteristics such as the following:

  • The game lets you pair up two of your favorite characters as a single unit and create breathtaking combos and unleash them on the enemies. You can also alternate between your heroes between attacks.
  • The game includes three modes: Warrior Special, Awakening Mode and Pair Up
  • In Warrior Special, every character has a unique ability that can be used to create a lot of destruction.
  • In Awakening Mode, your character has a temporary advantage and can go against every weapon. You are also able to use a different Warrior Special attack.
  • Pair Up allows two heroes to team up and use their strengths together in a destructive way against the enemy. This will also strengthen the bond between the two heroes and lead to a bonding and supportive experience.
  • The game allows you to set levels of difficulty from natural, healthy and hard.
  • It features a classic mode in which heroes lost in battles do not return along with a casual manner in which the heroes who didn’t make it return once the fight is over.
  • It includes a story mode in which you can live the story of Kingdom of Aytolis and a history mode in which you can revisit your favorite battles from the previous Fire Emblem games and play them in a new and innovative manner.
  • The game includes a crest market from where you can purchase crests that can augment your player’s abilities and appearance.
  • Other features in the crest market include Master Seals, Temple, Training Grounds and Smithy.


The game lets you play the role of any character while completing specific tasks and accomplishing goals to move forward. In addition to having a battle, you have to make careful decisions and give out strategic commands. You can use different weapons and have other characters assist you in your task. The central goal of the game is to rescue Queen Yelena, who has been captured by the enemy.


Fire Emblem Warriors Download is an excellent combination of two games. It highlights the high points of both games and combines them to form an exemplary series which fits well together.

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