Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download

Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download is an open world survival recreation amusement set against the unexplored, special scenery of the Amazon rain forest. You are in solitude in the wilderness. Without nourishment or hardware, with just a single objective: survival. You stick to live and start a voyage that will test your backbone – depression won’t just test your body, yet your brain too. To what extent would you be able to make due against the risks of the obscure?

Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download

Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download

You won’t get any assistance from the outside world on this excursion. Figure out how to survive yourself. Both of your hands are the main thing you can do to manufacture covers, make devices, and assemble weapons to chase and shield yourself. The wilderness is a steady risk – you battle against wild creatures, as well as tropical infections. Indeed, even the traps of your own psyche – your feelings of trepidation – are creeping through the murkiness of the perpetual wilderness and are an extremely unique risk.


You wind up in the profundities of the impervious Amazon rainforest. The green hell. You will probably survive this nightmarish condition and utilize the most instinctive approaches to get away. The main beam of expectation is a radio that exudes the natural voice of a friend or family member who finishes you the unending, antagonistic wilderness. A little bit at a time you will find how you came here. In any case, what you find will be more terrible than anything that has made your life so troublesome.

Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download


Where can the human personality go?

Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download

Amusement FEATURES


  • Use genuine survival systems (counting chimneys and capacity and additionally spreading out creature traps).
  • Make things that you have to survive (counting weapons and devices).
  • Find sustenance (through chasing and cultivating).
  • Wounds, ailments and different wounds should be dealt with in the event that you would prefer not to capitulate to them.

Thrill ride

The narrative of Green Hell gives careful consideration to the mental parts of survival under outrageous conditions. You battle against the earth, as well as your psychological wellness. Will, you be fruitful or dive into the profundities of your own psyche? To uncover reality, you need to pass the hardest battle you’ll ever battle: against yourself, your shortcomings and your feelings of dread.


The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most extravagant indigenous habitats on the planet. Fascinating, stunning, tremendous, beautiful, uproarious – yet similarly savage, uncompromising and perilous for the ill-equipped.

  •  Part of the Amazon Rainforest has been for all intents and purposes actualized for the diversion.
  •  Dozens of plants and creature species (well-evolved creatures, reptiles, winged animals and creepy crawlies).
  • Simulation of the normal event and conduct of the creatures.
  •  Nature changes powerfully relying upon the climate.

Green Hell PC Game Full Version Free Download


Survival under such extraordinary conditions requires determination – without you just expect franticness and passing. In the green hell, your psychological and physical wellbeing are inseparably connected. In Body Inspection mode, you can look carefully and mend your body. Here you can free yourself of different parasites that need to settle down in your body.

The psychophysical parameters include:

  • mental condition
  • physical condition

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