Helicopter PC Games Online Free Download

Helicopter PC Games Online Free Download

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The Best Helicopter PC Games Online Free Download – Take On Helicopters. One of the best helicopter-based games that you can play is Take On Helicopters, which immerses you into the world of helicopters, giving you various weapons to use and allowing you to fly the helicopter.

Helicopter PC Games Online Free Download

The game has been developed by Bohemia Interactive and was released on October 27, 2011. At first, it was released exclusively for Windows, but later, a couple of other editions were released as well. The engine used for development of the game is Real Virtuality 3, which is one of the best as it gives great graphics that make the game look like real life. The game is designed for entertainment, and true to its word, you will find yourself hooked for a long time.

Helicopter PC Games Online Free Download

Helicopter PC Games Online Free Download


The main plot of the game takes place in Seattle and the area around it. The character used, which will be the character assigned to you, is a civilian helicopter pilot by the name of Tom Larkin. He is undergoing some hard times regarding his aviation business. However, there will be flashbacks in the game as well, when the characters will switch and Joe Larkin will come in (Tom’s brother) who was in the military and fought a war in Pakistan.


Two brothers, Joe and Tom, take over the family civil aviation business after the death of their father.After a while of operating the business, they witness some problems in their business due to the fall in the economy. The brothers decide to take on other ventures and competitors in order to keep their business afloat.


There are a few main features of the game that need to be highlighted:

  1. A career mode that allows you to pick from different scenarios
  2. The career mode includes a heliport
  3. There is a free flight mode
  4. Various challenges to embark upon
  5. Time trials
  6. Different environments
  7. Various helicopters
  8. Tutorials for training


The game was well received by the critics and other gamers. It was praised highly for the gameplay and the graphics that were provided, but what was disliked about the game was the storyline which people did not feel too great about.


If you are looking to play a helicopter PC game that offers you the best of both worlds, i.e., allow you to go on missions and fly just for the heck of it, then this is the best option for you. The game has been downloaded a lot of times and is preferred by many gamers as well. It is easy to play and ensures a great flying experience.

You will find the graphics of the game to be quite amazing, and it is easy to download for almost all computers. Though it is true that you might get bored of the storyline after a little while, you will still find it to be a lot more interesting than other games as the overall experience of flying and the gameplay is quite great and simply fun to play. The game is suitable for any age and is an excellent way of teaching someone a little about helicopters.

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