Hot Zomb: Zombie Survival Pc Game Free Download

Hot Zomb: Zombie Survival Pc Game Free Download

Nov 25  

Are you looking for a unique shooting game involving horrific zombies? Well then, the Hot Zomb Zombie Survival PC game should definitely be on the top of your list. It revolves around high-quality shooting and zombie hunts along with 3D graphics and terrifying sound effects. It involves team action and weapons which you can upgrade on your own.

Hot Zomb: Zombie Survival Pc Game Free Download

Not only is it free to download and user-friendly to play, but it is also one of the games which provide an intersection between tactics, strategy, and shooting.


A rock band comprising of young musicians coming out of a small town gets lucky to have their first grand concert. They have to go through a long drive which is based in the Nevada state. Following a 16-hour journey, the band decides to take a break and stop for a refill of gas. They then look for a place to crash and some food they could hunt. One of the band members uses a map to find a place nearby, and this is where the problem arises.

They are now stuck in a small town where they are attacked by zombies. You can now choose any of the characters from the band and fight the zombies that they are up against. These zombies are popping out of everywhere, from under the ground and from up ahead.

The key is to ensure that at least one of the band members is alive and remains that way. If another band member dies, then the ones surviving can cure them by standing next to them.

Hot Zomb: Zombie Survival Pc Game Free Download

Hot Zomb: Zombie Survival Pc Game Free Download

There are different types of weapons involved, namely rifles, pistols, and guns. In order to buy a powerful weapon, you need to collect ZCoins.

This game allows the players to engage in a real-time shooting game involving zombies. Being able to be part of a storyline, the players can protect the band members by being one of their own. The idea is to fight zombies and help this group of young rockers escapes the wrath of the zombies in Hot Zomb Zombie Survival.

Features & Requirements

The game is based in a city and features 3 different characters from the band. There are lots of different weapons and a whole load of rock music. Hot Zomb Zombie Survival was released on the Windows platform and requires a processing power of at least 800 MHz. It requires a RAM of at least 256 MB as well.

Be part of a storyline which supports young rockers and rock music! Engage in an active encounter with the zombies where you take part in a shooting experience to kill them all. Hot Zomb Zombie Survival is a thrilling and exciting game for those who enjoy first-hand shooting games with a little bit of a plot twist to them. Join the army and take part in supporting them; you might be all they need.

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