Kingdom at War!: Legends & Heroes PC Game Free Download

Kingdom at War!: Legends & Heroes PC Game Free Download

Nov 20  

Be a Part of the Fairy Kingdom with War Legends PC Game. War Legends is a roleplaying game that lets you enter the world of fairies. If you ever wanted to become the savior of a kingdom of elves, this will be an excellent game for you to play. The game is readily available online for download and is known for providing tons of entertainment.

Kingdom at War!: Legends & Heroes PC Game Free Download

Kingdom at War!: Legends & Heroes PC is one of those games that you would classify in the fun genre as well since it is quite easy to strategize and a lot of fun to play. This is one of the reasons that many gamers loved the game.


The game involves four characters who are the sole saviors of their fairy kingdom. The kingdom gets invaded by an unimaginable evil which threatens the entire nation and its people. Hence, the four brave heroes embark on a mission to save their home.

The kingdom at war Game gets invaded by wild orcs, and it’s not just one clan. Many of their families from faraway lands come to the country. Not only that, but there are also armies of the undead who have risen from their graves to take over.

The heroes use their broadswords and their sorcery skills to fight the armies and try to eliminate them from their hope. There are many different spells that they use against the bad guys, but they will also have to enter the wastelands to kill all the deadly bosses so that they can erase the dark force completely.

Kingdom at War!: Legends & Heroes PC Game Free Download


There are many different features that you get with this game, some of which are:

  • You will have your territory that you can decorate as you want
  • You will have the ability to explore dungeons
  • PVP battles will be available for you to fight in
  • The graphics are great which give you an experience in itself
  • You will be able to fight various orcs and other characters to save your kingdom
  • Exploring wastelands and another place to fight the darkness that lives there
  • Make your strategy to win battles and the fight against evil to protect the country.
  • Use various spells against the evil

Downloading War Legends PC Game

The game is available online on numerous websites for download. It is usually available for free, but the problem is that lots of fake sites offer the download and you may get a virus if you download from there.

Thus, you will need to be extra careful about choosing where to download the game from. Check reviews and ask someone who has already downloaded the game to tell you which is the best place to go for. Once you have selected the location of download, make sure that you meet the operating system requirements and have enough space on your computer.

The downloading process itself is quite simple. Just follow the instructions that will be provided to you, and you will be good to go.

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