Lethal Brutal Racing PC Game Free Download

Lethal Brutal Racing PC Game Free Download

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Lethal Brutal Racing: Polish Your Racing Skills. The Lethal Brutal Racing PC game is a racing game which has been published by Atriagames and developed by Petrodiy-Games. The game was released in 2016 and involves races that consist of dangerous tracks and obstacles. The racing game is sort of a violent one in which you have to go through gunfire, explosions, jumps, and much more.

Lethal Brutal Racing PC Game Free Download

The game requires the player to go through 25 different and unique tracks and compete with other riders. In each race, you’ll get invitations from other riders to take part in the race and get messages from other players. You can upgrade various parts of your vehicle such as engine, nitro, tires, rockets, and armors. However, the upgrade is possible only when you spend money on earning it.


The Lethal Brutal Racing PC game is considered as one of the most violent and brutal racing games designed. This is because the game is not only about racing, but it also involves fighting your rivals using weapons such as rocket launchers and guns.

When you start the race, you’ll realize that the game is sort of haphazard and that there are no boundaries and specific directions to go forward. The tracks are full of mountains, rocks, crazy turns, jumps, and even hot lava. Moreover, other drivers also bump into you and fire plasma cannons or rocket launchers at you.

Lethal Brutal Racing PC Game Free Download

Though the gameplay is very simple, the game actually is very difficult and is all about playing wisely and attentively. You can use the nitro boost to launch weapons and the arrow keys to move your vehicle on the tracks. If you want to excel in the game, you’ll have to win the races and earn money. By earning money, you’ll be able to upgrade your vehicle and take part in more elite and difficult levels.

There are almost 30 different levels which will let you play for hours without feeling bored. One big plus point of this game is that you can even play the older levels again to earn money for upgrading your vehicle.

Lethal Brutal Racing PC Game Free Download

The soundtrack of this game is just satisfactory, and the graphics are too vibrant and bright for a racing game. Perhaps this is because the racing game is different from others and involves more gunfire, hot lava, rocket launchers, and things like that. There are roaring and bursting sounds everywhere because of the explosions and other racing cars moving along.

Lethal Brutal Racing Download Game Features

  • Shoot your opponents
  • Buy upgrades and automobiles being new
  • Career mode – 25 tracks
  • Door perish action race!

Bottom Line

The Lethal Brutal Racing PC game is not just a racing game and involves much more things such as the use of weapons and vehicle upgrades. You can interact with your rivals and get invitations for challenges too. In this game, you have to not only drive fast but also keep your vehicle safe from the obstacles and weapons of your rivals. It is overall a fun racing game and is packed with features such as a beautiful background, interactive racers, weapons, and much more.


  • Game language: English
  • 25 tracks which are dangerous
  • career mode
  • stunning places
  • a lot of improvements and automobiles which are new purchase
  • Bright images that are 3D
  • energetic music
  • A COMPLIMENTARY game that is driving

System Demands

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
CPU: x86, 800 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.1 or later


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Lethal Brutal Racing PC Game Free Download
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