Mad Race PC Game Free Download

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There are different types of racing games available for you to enjoy. While some of them feature a first-person point of view, which allows you to view the road from the eyes of the driver, a popular type of racing game is one which has a third-person perspective and allows you to see cars from an aerial position. The Mad Race PC game falls into the latter category. The gameplay of the app is quite different on both its PC and mobile versions.


The game revolves around competing against computerized opponents. However, while most games merely involve beating the opponents to the finish line, this game takes it further up a notch by adding a responsibility of getting rid of the competition as well.

Mad Race PC Game Free Download

Mad Race PC Game Free Download

As a player, you will be provided with an array of weapons which you can use on your enemies to ensure they are out of the running, thereby making it easier for you to claim the first position.

Mad Race PC Download can be played with multiple players as well since it supports multiplayer mode. Unlike the computerized enemies, the multiplayer mode is much more challenging as the stakes are higher. The two modes of the game include single race and tournament. The inclusion of dual modes provides the game with the needed versatility to keep the players interested in the long run.

In both modes, you will be given a chance to showcase your skills on various tracks. You will also be given the choice between different cars, each of which differs in color and model. However, these tracks and vehicles will not be unlocked from the get-go and will be available as you progress through the levels.

Mad Race Game Free Download

Mad Race PC Game Free Download

Each track allows you to reap the benefits of a variety of bonuses. These include time and speed bonuses, which can make a great amount of difference when racing against friends or a computer.

The graphics of the game are crisp and vibrant, while the soundtrack is also apt to ensure that the experience of the racing game is enhanced. However, while most racing game focus on creating the setting to be as authentic as possible, the developers of Mad Race PC   Download have focused on giving the game a cartoonish look. While the PC game is not supported on Windows 7 and 8, it can be played on other versions without a cost.


All in all, Mad Race PC game is a simple yet addictive game. This game, which is developed by Game Spot, is supported on most versions of Windows including 98, XP, Vista and 10. Those of you who wish to play the game on their phones can download the free version on smartphones.

Play Mad Race and beat your fellow drivers while getting all the bonuses you can. Unlock the tracks and watch as your score climbs higher and higher on the scoreboard.

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