Monster Trucks: Urban Race Free Pc Game Download

Monster Trucks: Urban Race Free Pc Game Download

Nov 30  

Racing on the tracks is too mainstream and thus, we have a game for you which will allow you to race off-road vehicles. Monster Trucks Urban Race PC game requires players to race through the mega-city in the industrial districts at night.

Monster Trucks: Urban Race Free Pc Game Download

The Urban Race game will make you a professional racer even if you have minimal racing skills. You have to race through the dangerous tracks and make sure you don’t get out of control while you try and save yourself from the obstacles. It is an addictive game, and all racing enthusiasts will find it very entertaining.


Monster Trucks: Urban Race Game is full of adventures and challenging tracks, so if you get good control over your vehicle, there is nothing that can stop you. There is a huge number of levels that consist of different racetracks with every new phase consisting of more difficult levels. You will require various skills and powers to compete with other trucks as the game progresses.

You can choose from 9 different vehicles with 30 different tracks and can reach the top of the leaderboard easily. The game is packed with amazing tracks and detailed environments where your monster truck will be racing along the track and competing with other vehicles in an industrial district. You will face various obstacles on the track such as a huge pile of dumped cars which you have to jump through and carry on your race.

Monster Trucks: Urban Race Free Pc Game Download

If you want to choose a vehicle or customize it, you can go to the garage option before starting the game and there you can choose your favorite monster truck. At the start, you’ll feel a bit confused because handling the truck is not as easy as it seems. The race will start as other traditional racing games do. The vehicle is easy to control, but sometimes, it slips and that is the moment when you have to test your racing skills.

The game is very addictive and won’t let you get bored while you compete with other cars to gain points. You can watch videos where players have explained how to play like a pro and progress in the game successfully. You can also learn some tricks if you want to master the game. For a racing game, Monster Trucks: Urban Race Free Download is very neat and there is not much clutter that could cause confusion.

Monster Trucks: Urban Race Free Pc Game Download


This is a fun game where you have to race your big wheels through a mega-city. You can also learn to perform Nitro flips when you jump over an obstacle. One thing you should keep in mind is that only practice will make you an expert. You might feel it a bit hard to control the truck if you’re a beginner because the vehicle slows down after a jump or when it faces an obstacle. Overall, the game is very entertaining.

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