Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download

Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download

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Do you enjoy being in a position of authority and control when it comes to hitting the road? Well then, you will enjoy Police Supercars Racing Free Download, a free game for the Windows platform which involves taking part in racing as a police officer. Not only are you a cop, but you are also equipped with a high-tech police vehicle, and your aim is to reduce crime rates within Sun City.

Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download

There is a lot at stake, and all eyes are on you. Take part in racing with authority and bring down the criminals that are on your target.


Sun City aims to turn into a city which attracts businesses and tourists in the future. However, its progress is slowed down due to the presence of a high amount of crime rates. These crimes include hackers attacking the city’s traffic control system, roadblocks due to extremists, and criminals crashing cars. A special police team is put together with supercars with the aim of bringing down these offenders and ending this practice.

Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download

Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download

You are part of the police supercar team with the sole responsibility of lowering crime levels in Sun City. It’s all about speed, thrill, adrenaline, and authority. With your skills and abilities, the criminals will have someone to fear and will be on the run. And with the presence of a supercar and high speed, you will be taking parts in street races to tackle your opponent and bring them down.

Sun City depends on a cop like you to be able to put the bad guys behind bars. Do you have what it takes to own a police supercar?

Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download

Specifications & Requirements

The Police Supercars Racing game is available on Windows and can be downloaded on the different versions of the operating system. It requires a space of 64 MB on your hard disk and works with simple processing power and RAM.

The game also brings about a high level of activity through high-definition and quality graphics with 3D visuals and sound effects. Along with that, it includes different explosive and colorful impact as well as an original soundtrack. The game consists of high amounts of interactivity and makes it exciting for the user to engage in.

Police Supercars Racing brings an exciting gameplay which is exciting for those who are looking for a racing game with authority and control. Being a cop in Sun City with the responsibility of lowering the crime rate is a thrilling position to be in. The gameplay allows for high-quality graphics and extreme additivity through exciting features. It is readily available to play and can be downloaded on Windows.

Do you have what it takes to stand up to the criminals in Sun City and stop them with your racing skills and supercars? Hit the road then!

Police Supercars Racing Download Game  

  • 16 levels in one city that is big
  • 4 automobile brands with 2 kids each
  • 4 types of game modes
  • Real town traffic



  • Windows XP/ windows vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 or 8.1
  • Processor 800 MHz or higher
  • RAM minimum 1024 Mb
  • Direct X 9.0 or better
  • Direct X soundboard that works with

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Police Supercars Racing Pc Game Free Download
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