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Racers Islands PC Game Free Download can be quite fun. As you put your foot on the accelerator, you can feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. You feel victorious as you leave cars behind.

Racers Islands PC Game Free Download

One game which succeeds in providing gamers with the ultimate racing experience is the Racers Islands PC game.


Crazy drivers and adrenaline-packed races – these two phrases sum up the gameplay of this game pretty well. You will be pitted against other crazy drivers who are in it for the rush. There are different characters in the game, and you will be required to choose one. Once you have done so, all that is left to do is get in your selected vehicle and show the other drivers who the winner is.

Additionally, to add complexity to the game, you will be required to steer your vehicle rather than merely push the left and right buttons. The fact that you need to operate your car as you would have in real life makes the game more real-like than many other racing games.

Racers Islands PC Game Free Download

Main Features

Are you still not convinced about how great this game is? Here are a few features which might aid in converting you.

Fun Obstacles

Rather than merely defeating your opponents by outdriving them, you can also launch fun hurdles in their path. Such complications include snowballs, bombs, soap bars and if you are feeling cheeky, even cheese! However, remember that others can bombard you with such hurdles as well, so be mentally prepared for it all.

4-Player Mode

Most games offer at most three players to play simultaneously, but Racers Islands Download Game takes it up a notch by allowing four of you to play side by side. Therefore, none of your friends will feel sidelined. This feature makes this game an excellent way to get the old group together.


The Racers Islands PC game is an excellent combination of fun and exhilaration. It is hard to find a game that has quality graphics and enthralling gameplay, but Racers Islands Full Download achieve this combination with immense ease. Play the game and race it out!

System Requirements:

  • File Size: 114 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10


Download Island Racer from our site and luxuriate in. It is available and free for Windows, PC. You will be able to get and unlock unlimited video gaming from the game itself or with this page if you prefer Island Racer

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