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Shenmue I & II PC Game Full Version Free Download was initially discharged in 2000 and 2001, respectively, for Dreamcast. These open-world enterprise action diversions unbelievably combine jiu-jitsu battle, investigative investigations, pretending components and extraordinary mini-recreations.

Shenmue I & II PC Game Full Version Free Download

Shenmue I & II PC Game Full Version Free Download

Here, out of the blue, various parts of present-day gaming were discovered, including city exploration in an open world – and this series likewise introduced the Quick-Time Event (QTE). Not to overlook, it was one of the first open-world recreations where the day progressed toward becoming night, the climate changed, stores opened and shut, and NPCs continued ahead according to their particular calendars. Through its captivating epic story and the living scene, Shenmue has earned a generation of enthusiastic fans and a changeless place on lists of the “Best Games Ever.”


A Story of Revenge. In 1986, the youthful martial artist Ryo Hazuki came back to the dojo of his dad Iwao Hazuki – and witnesses him being killed by a Chinese named Lan Di. Lan Di takes a mysterious artifact called Mirror of the Dragon. Ryo promises to retaliate for his dad and takes after the trail of Lan Di.

Shenmue I & II PC Game Full Version Free Download

In Shenmue, the first installment of the series, the story begins with Ryo’s excursion through Yokosuka in Japan, where he gathers signs about his dad’s murder, using evil hoodlums.

His successor, Shenmue II, continues his story, however, this time he is heading to Hong Kong. Ryo voyages further into the criminal black market, experiences martial expressions aces who help him on his trip and give insights into his dad’s passing – and in the end, uncover the secret surrounding the Dragon’s Mirror, which his dad hid.

Shenmue I & II PC Game Full Version Free Download

Key Features:

  • The best Shenmue experience
  • Pioneering Dreamcast classics on PC out of the blue
  • Upgraded UI
  • Choice of present day or classic controls
  • Japanese voice out of the blue available to international audiences
  • Completely customizable screen resolution
  • An epic legend
  • An account of reprisal on a tremendous stage
  • Unwind the secret surrounding the murder of your dad
  • An experience you will always remember
  • The world feels invigorated
  • Converse with everybody and scan the world for pieces of information
  • NPCs have independent existences with their timetables
  • Watchful replicas of Japan and Hong Kong of the 1980s
  • Enjoy a reprieve and play arcade recreations, seek collectibles, visit duck races

Shenmue I & II PC Game Full Version Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating framework: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i3-560/AMD FX-4300
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti (1GB VRAM)/AMD Radeon 6990
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Memory: 30 GB of available space

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