Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

Jan 21  

Merely ten minutes into Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version in a fistfight with the monstrous Devastator. This along with other epic boss fights are lovingly genuine to the’ 80s Transformers Tv show &  film, right down to the initial voice actors and rocking power ballad wailing in the record. Though the benefit of this particular Transformers game is not entirely pre Michael Bay nostalgia: Devastation does a great job of transforming the favourite robots of mine in disguise into an enjoyable as well as live action game.

Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

Parents have to find out that Transformers: Devastation PC Game is a cartoon brawler which pits Transformer robots from each other in a struggle on the surface. Players select which Autobot they wish to play as, along with, while roaming around a community to undertake missions, you will face off against Decepticon enemies. Players are going to use vehicles, futuristic guns, blades, and swords to smash, slash, and also fire at enemy robots. There is no blood or perhaps gore but lots of violence. This particular game additionally is the most recent name in a favourite franchise, covering products, cartoons, publications, and much more. Therefore players might be enticed to explore these things after playing. Additionally, they might find themselves keen on buying downloadable content for the game.

Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

The polished cell-shaded appearance of these Generation One Deceptions and Auto bots is incredible, with textures as well as animations which feel ripped right from the 1986 movie. I might watch the whole sequence wherein Optimums Prime changes into a considerable rig truck all day long. Devastation nails the presentation direction, with colourful graphics which accurately record the sights as well as sounds of a decades-old cartoon adventure. The degree of obsessive detail for every aspect Transformers is impressive, out of the lustrous metal surface on each robot body down on the family station wagons & blocks cabs of the moment sitting on the highway. However the deeper I went into the story, the low levels and arenas felt a lot more plus more forgettable. It is disappointing, as the art direction nails textures, but buildings and the atmosphere are significantly copy-and-pasted, to the stage that I’d have gotten lost without the in-game map informing me I had not currently been in this case.

Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

What is IT About?

Transformers: Devastation Game Full Version is a combat-centric action game which stars Autobots, that are in a continuous struggle with other giant alien robots known as Decepticons. In automobile function, you will race around city streets to undertake missions as well as reach goals, moreover next, with a push of a button on the controller, transform into a metallic warrior to ward off foes and also inflict havoc on the locations you are in. Together with the single-player campaign, this third-person adventure includes fifty extra missions. You can perform as 5 usual heroes — Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, plus Grimlock — and additionally every fighter has specific abilities and skills, every one of that could be enhanced as time passes, furthermore there tend to be more than 150 weapons to grasp.


PlatinumGames’ action that is fast-paced provides immediate robot to automobile strikes, counterattacks, slam downs, and infinite combos for customization and unique fighting system

Transformers: Devastation PC Game Full Version Free Download

The Verdict

Transformers: Devastation PC Download is an enjoyable way to revisit the traditional Tv show. Complicated combo-based fighting provides a furious and fast barrage of action, although gear, as well as rewards methods, left me wondering the reason they had been there at all in a game all about over-the-top boss fights as well as robot dinosaur beatdowns



  • Responsive and fast fighting. Robust crafting system encourages experimentation. Varied challenges and difficulty levels offer excellent replay value. The fantastic visual design captures the appeal of the first Transformers cartoon.


  • Cityscape quantities are irritating and bloated to navigate. Combination system is flashy but too simplistic. Several missions deviate from the melee oriented norm and are annoying to play.

Outsole LINE

  • Transformers: Devastation plays it safe when as opposed to various other Platinum Games titles. It borrows and also streamlines gameplay mechanics from multiple other activities, but makes the experience satisfying nevertheless.

System Requirements of TRANSFORMERS Devastation PC Game 2015

  • Before you start Transformers Devastation Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
  • Operating System: Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or later.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 9 GB

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