Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup

Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup

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Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup Play as the Witch, dodging and weaving through terrifyingly intricate bullet storms on her adventure to steal the Ancient Grimoire.

Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup

Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup
You intend to reach the cease of each degree, blasting via a series of smaller stage minions and the whole lot extra complicated and deadly bosses.
To do so, you will want to grasp dodging and weaving through the difficult
bullet styles that the enemies fire at you.


Unlike other Shmups, Witch Thief gives you control of a complete 3D digicam. Witness bullet hell from an entirely new perspective!

Dodge difficult bullet styles

Terrifyingly complex storms of bullets will rain down as you adventure to your quest. Study, examine and follow your dodging abilities to outmaneuver the incoming perils. Touching even one shot will kill you – so beware!

Unlock a variety of quirky playable characters

Choose to play certainly one of many magicians, each clawing for the Ancient Grimoire, decided to let not anything stand in their way. Experience sparkling new communicates, exceptional bosses and specific spells to gain their goals. Each man or woman has precise intervals and speak, and can encounter different and tough bosses on their course to the Grimoire.

Complete the story to unencumber new characters!

Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup
Musical tracks

An utterly authentic soundtrack, accompanying you in your perilous journey to the Grimoire. Each man or woman and stage has a unique theme that captures and performs upon their essence.

Battle of Relentless Bosses

Your direction is not a clean one. Face insane bosses, wielding outstanding magical power and unleashing torrents of complicated bullet patterns. They will stop at not anything to protect the Grimoire.

Unravel a world of thriller

Piece the testimonies of each character collectively to Uncover what drives the defenders of the Grimoire, and analyze the plans of the Last Immortal.

Accessibility alternatives

Everyone have to be capable of have fun and play video games. We’re continually striving to assist humans to perform and include those functions into Witch Thief to help out. If there are any functions you’d want to see, please shoot us an email, and we’ll see what we can do!

Colorblind mode:

As nicely as primary color filters, we have a robust color amendment system. You can alter the colors of crucial sports factors to your liking.
Rebindable keys: Nothing is worse than a management scheme that doesn’t work for you! Witch Thief’s controls may be rebound throughout keyboard, mouse, and controller.
Dyslexia font option:

We love our stylized fonts. However, we need you to recognize what’s going on. A dyslexic font alternative is available for all in-game textual content.

Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup
Difficulty tiers:

  • Witch Thief ranges from almost no fight “Casual” mode to the acute “Insanity” mode which will increase each bullet counts and pace.
  • Oh, you simplest get one existence there too.
  • Witch Thief features a wide variety of issue levels.
  • At one end, Casual gives minimal combat.
  • At the other, Insanity increases the number of enemy bullets and their speed
  • in case you die, it’s game over!
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Witch Thief Free Download PC Game Setup
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